Myriam Iticsohn

Mai Fée de l’Art


Ce sont les autres qui en parlent le mieux…

It’s the others who talk about it the best…

Your review: Fantasia’s Requiem

As I thumb through the Gallery on Myriam Iticsohn”s website iam immediately reminiscent of Disney”s masterpiece, Fantasia.  Myriam uses her fingers to paint these fantastic works of Art, much like the sorcerers apprentice her fingers magically create visually stunning imagery, captivating the observers eye. Myriam Iticsohn Art is an ambitious departure from the same old familiarity of modern abstract contemporary artists and compels us to journey into the worlds of the unknown. Masterfully combing thick fluid strokes of colorful and textures to create hidden mysterious visages where one might expect to discover mythical winged Pegasus and pixie dust covered fairies to pop out at you. I expect Myriam to gain more attention and recognition as her work becomes more familiar, eventually earning her a respectful place along with other successful French artistic visionaries of our modern area.

G.Cabell …Seattle 2108 oct 22







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